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Do you ever feel like...

  • You would be more marketable for a job or promotion if you were more efficient in Excel / Google Sheets?

  • You waste time trying to figure things out in your spreadsheets and then spend hours Googling what to do?

  • You wrote "Proficient in Excel" on your resume but hope they don't make you prove it?

  • You are doing too many tasks manually in your spreadsheets...there must be a way to automate!

  • You would be more confident at work or school if you were an Excel / Google Sheets wiz?

  • You would rather spend less time fumbling with spreadsheets & more time doing what you love?

If you answered yes to any of these...keep reading!

Could you imagine...

  • Securing your dream job offer

  • Landing that raise you've always wanted

  • Saving HOURS at work allowing you do to more of what you love in life!

This is 100% possible for you – I know this because I’ve been exactly where you are now. This proven system will make you a Spreadsheet Wizard!

Which Course is for me?

  • The Excelerator Course

    The Excelerator Course is perfect for beginner to intermediate level Excel users (think the person who hasn’t made it past the Home ribbon to the Data Ribbon dabbler who can make a basic pivot table). By the end of the course, you will be confidently utilizing lookup functions, building powerful pivot tables and easily automating tasks. You will also become shortcut savvy and put that pesky mouse to rest!

  • The Advanced Excelerator Course

    The Advanced Excelerator Course is for the advanced Excel user (meaning you are a pivot table pro, you can do VLOOKUPs in your sleep and you have conquered all of the wonders that the data ribbon has to offer). This course will take you to the next level, and you will become the go-to Excel Expert in the office (if you aren’t already). You will feel like a superhuman when you are cranking out Excel tasks in half the time and are constantly impressing those around you with your wizardry! If you also geek out about new functions and Excel hacks 1) let’s be friends lol and 2) you are going to LOVE this course!

  • The Ultimate Excelerator Bundle

    The Ultimate Excelerator Bundle is perfect for ALL Excel Users. The Bundle Includes: The Excelerator Course, The Advanced Excelerator Course & a Mini Dashboard Course. Fun Fact - 80% of my customers purchase the Bundle because it has the most valuel! (For only a $100 difference from the Advanced Course you get all 3!)

  • Sheet Smarts (for Google Sheets)

    This course is perfect for all Google Sheets users. Sheet Smarts takes you from the basics through advanced techniques such as Pivot Tables, Query Functions & more!

Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers are saying!

"It's literally AMAZING! I'm 35% of the way through and I'm beyond impressed. I've purchased my fair share of online courses (my business is totally virtual so I guess you can say I'm in that "world") but you have gone above and beyond in the content and delivery. Your course is worth every penny!"

Alix Turoff

"Great workbooks to work alongside you, easy to follow, wheel of functions was gas!"

Richard M.

It’s AHHMAZING!! I’m loving it so much! I’m already using so many of the functions in my accounting job that I had no idea about and it’s really boosted my productivity and efficiency!"

Madison Hopkins

"I must say, I was greatly impressed by the number of tips I was able to glean. In addition, I appreciate that you keep it fun. Sitting at a desk all day can be monotonous, but you have an ability to keep things moving, so the time doesn’t drag on. I’ve recommended the course to a few others that I know would greatly benefit."

by Caitlin W.

"I also think it’s a great source to go back to when I forget a certain function. It’s very easy to find with the layout you have created for that course!! Once again, thank you for creating a platform like this!!"

Kairi N.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the course take me?

    The course is designed to be one module per week over 12 weeks. However, if you are the “Netflix binge-watching” type (like myself) — feel free to go forth and conquer! You can go at your own pace as you will have lifetime access to all of the materials!

  • How long will I have the course materials for? Can I start it later?

    You can complete the course at your own pace and start whenever you’d like! You will have lifetime access to the videos and materials.

  • Do you offer bulk discounts / corporate trainings?

    Yes I do! Email for more details